A Timeline Tells Your Story

The other day, a friend posted on Facebook that he finds their new feature Timeline confusing. Others commented that they too were not loving it. I was about to join the club but decided to take a step back and have a closer look.

Given that Timeline groups your activities and posts by day/month/year, it does more than that. Look at your Facebook page and see if you agree. The first that jumps out is my billboard — the large picture on top showcasing a recent highlight of my life. As I scroll down, I see large image after large image showing me what I’ve said and who replied, where I’ve been and who were with me, what friends have shared with me and why I felt it was important, who joined my tribe and when they came into my life. Image after image after image. The clichĂ© is coming to me but I’m not going to write it 🙂

It’s my life in pictures!…and yes words, but lots of big pictures. I’m a visual person so I am loving it. It’s a pictorial scrapbook with captions included. What’s fun is that I can go back in time, post a comment then reconnect with a friend and reminisce with them. (There’s someone I haven’t spoken to in years!)

Whether or not they meant to, Facebook’s Timeline organizes the dots of my life so I can connect them and tell my story. They make it visually engaging. My job is to reveal the meaning. Does your page help you tell your story? Like. Comment. Share.

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