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Story. It’s not what you say. It’s what you mean.

peoplesmusicIn this case, words alone cannot tell the story of a young boy discovering his passion for the violin. Hearing his name called out loud, echoing in the halls, and stepping onto the stage at his first recital makes him feel like the most important person at that specific moment in time. With every stroke drawing the hair of the bow across the strings, he remembers every single time his parents took him to a class at The People’s Music School, a nonprofit offering free music education in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. He remembers looking forward to his teacher showing him how to play a new composition. The sound takes him back to his hours of practicing the same piece, over and over. But today, on that stage, it feels like he is playing it for the very first time. After his performance, he picks up his sheet music, tucks it under his arm and takes a bow. As he exits and listens to the applause, he is thinking about his new performance when he comes back to the same stage next year.

No words. Watch the performance. Listen to the sound. It may not be perfect today, but its real value is in what it means for the young boy’s future. Potential. Opportunity. Promise.

Who is Your Social Media Hero?

slideshare_socialmediaHere’s a clear and user-friendly presentation on Slideshare that will get you thinking about how best to delegate social media within your organization.

Then, after you’ve thought about it, consider attending our upcoming panel discussion on May 16 entitled “Who is the Face (and Voice) of Your Mission?” Learn how some local nonprofits are strategically using social media, not only to tell their stories with clarity, but also to make it easy for their advocates to share their stories and move others to act.

Click here for more info about the May event.

Like. Tweet. Share. Story.

Barkada Circle’s 2013 storytelling ic-starsworkshop series begins with a 2-part social media offering: 

Social Media 1: Who is the Face (and Voice) of Your Mission? 

Thursday, May 16
415 N Dearborn, 3rd Floor
Chicago, IL 60654

We bring together a diverse group of nonprofit storytellers who use social media strategically to keep their audience actively engaged with a clear story about the critical role each supporter plays and how they can make a difference. Our discussion leaders include our friends from i.c.starsThe Arthritis Foundation, and Big Shoulders Fundi.c.stars is a social enterprise that trains low-income young adults in technology, providing them with employment opportunities and preparing them for community-based advocacy. The Arthritis Foundation puts a face on the disease, and aims to improve lives through leadership in the prevention, control and cure of arthritis and related diseases. Big Shoulders Fund provides support and a compelling voice to Catholic schools in the neediest areas of inner-city Chicago.

5:30pm – 6:00pm Introductions
6:00pm – 7:30pm Panel Discussion
7:30pm – 8:00pm Networking

We will serve coffee and tasty nibbles. Sign up early and your guests can come at no charge.

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Social Media 2: Clarify and Amplify Your Storyopenbooks-logo

Thursday, June 13
Open Books
213 W. Institute Place, 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60610 

This hands-on workshop is a practical application of the talking points from the May panel discussion for translating your story into an engaging social media campaign. We will get you started with easy-to-use worksheets outlining key components in a dynamic structure. This session is ideal if you are in the early stages of using social media in your marketing or if you’re looking for a refresher. We are fortunate to have as our presenter Alyssa VandeLeest, Founder of Prosper Public Relations, a marketing consultancy for social impact companies, and The Impact Innovators, a popular blog and community for social entrepreneurs. Alyssa spends her days helping mission-driven businesses raise awareness, build movements and inspire action. In 2011, she was recipient of one of PRWeek Magazine’s exclusive Personality of the Year Awards.

5:30pm – 6:00pm Introductions
6:00pm – 7:30pm Workshop
7:30pm – 8:00pm Networking

We will serve coffee and tasty nibbles. Sign up early and your guests can come at half price.

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