Hidden Stories About Our Freedom

The 4th of July is one of our country’s beloved traditions when we enjoy the great outdoors and some great grilling. Yesterday, I joined my family as they gathered to watch Team USA win the Women’s World Cup. This holiday has traditionally been a time to celebrate our victories as a nation, to commemorate our independence and to express our patriotism. It meant one thing in 1776. Today, what does it mean in our collective consciousness? What does it mean to be an American, to value our individual liberties and at the same time, acknowledge that others share that same freedom with us?

Wes Moore, Jody Williams & Sebastian Junger
Wes Moore, Jody Williams & Sebastian Junger

Listen to the stories of three people who fight for America’s freedom. They tell us what the work means to them––not romanticized, not idealized. It’s what most of us don’t see, or don’t know about, or sometimes even choose to ignore.

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