Mission-Driven Marketing™: Sound Bites from the SIG

How can a nonprofit emerge from the recession better off than before?

The Chicago AMA Nonprofit SIG kicked off the year with a fresh look at what it means to be innovative in facing today’s challenges. A team of thought leaders in the nonprofit sector led a dynamic discussion about the role Mission-Driven Marketing™ must play in our organizations in order to achieve a renaissance. Below are some memorable quotes we picked up from the panel. Feel free to add some of your own.

John Davidoff
Founder & Managing Director
Davidoff Communications

  • cc-ama_davidoffWe can choose to see the recession as a gift, an opportunity for transformation that will allow us to thrive in this new world.
  • In difficult times, being authentic is about constructive transparency, being honest about our circumstances and stating how we will address it. It’s not about being a victim.

Emily Dreke
Director of Development and Communications
Chicago Foundation for Women

  • cc-ama_drekeIn the face of declining government funding and a difficult economy, more mergers in the nonprofit sector have become a reality.
  • Putting mission first meant having the courage to have difficult conversations around the mission and acting on our bigger commitment–serving the women who need our help.

Steve Ford
Executive Vice President—Chief Communications and Marketing Officer
Muscular Dystrophy Association.

  • cc-ama_fordCreating a strong and unique brand experience is key to telling a compelling story about your mission.
  • Communicating your mission is more than achieving awareness. It must be about relevance.

Otto Reinisch
Director of Organizational Development
Episcopal Charities and Community Services

  • cc-ama_reinischMarketing your mission is a great opportunity to strategically engage your board of directors.
  • Communicating need does not inspire giving. Sharing your vision of abundance does.

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