Sending a Letter Tests Your Call-to-Action

fundraisingsuccess_logoBefore you fold that letter or seal the envelope, you may want to take another look at both after reading some advice from a couple of folks in the field.

Willis Turner was an experienced writer and creative director in traditional advertising for more than twenty years before switching full time to fundraising about fifteen years ago. In his work with nonprofit organizations and associations, he has written thousands of communications for appeals, renewals and acquisitions in every medium.

In his recent post on Fundraising Success, Turner cites a study done at Carnegie-Melon that looked at people’s responses between four appeal letters. This study was also written about many years ago in the book, “Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die.”  The results challenged the conventional wisdom about what ultimately moves people to act.


envelopeKnowing you have a compelling letter for your potential donor to read is one thing. Guaranteeing they will read it is another. Alison Keys of the blog A Fundraiser’s Friend asks, “What is the most important element in your direct mail package?”

What will stop people in their tracks as they sort through their mail breezing through bills, notices and flyers? Is your envelope enticing enough to stand out and pique someone’s curiosity? We tend to not give our envelope enough attention, but it is what get’s our letter opened, or not.


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