Stories we tell define who we are

At Barkada Circle we believe that positive change begins with cultivating a sense of community around real collaborative efforts and allowing various ideas to converge. This is why we use storytelling as the main catalyst for realizing new ideas and shared goals.

As human beings, we are naturally wired for story. When you tell a story to another person, you will spark a story from that person. As an emergent form of communication, a compelling story conveys meaning that the other person can relate to because it reflects what they believe in. As a way to bring people together, stories reinforce the culture of the community. Stories build our identity and help to forge meaning for what it means to be a community, and ultimately, revealing who we are as individuals.

Chimamanda Adichie, Thandie Newton, Tavi Gevinson
Chimamanda Adichie, Thandie Newton, Tavi Gevinson

LISTEN to three artists talk about how stories reflect our humanity and all its complexities––the multiplicity of the human experience.

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