Real Stories Come From Real Relationships

I took an extended summer break and recently returned from a long vacation in the Philippines where my family and friends celebrated my aunt getting married for the first time. She’s 62.

Annie was living in France in the 1970’s when she met Thomas. Their romance lasted for more than a year until Thomas popped the question. It would have been a sure thing except he wanted to have children, but she didn’t. They found no compromise to stay together so they parted ways. Thomas moved to Switzerland and started a family. Annie stayed in Paris for another twenty years before returning to Manila to be with her aging parents. She decided to stay for good.

In March 2011, Thomas booked a flight to the Philippines after his friend and colleague asked for his help in setting up a new business venture in Asia. At the time, Thomas was retired and had been divorced for ten years. A few days after arriving in Manila, Thomas started a search to be reunited with Annie. The phone book turned up several Annies, but not his. He tried his personal connections and found Nora who used to do business with my aunt. When Thomas called the number that Nora gave him, a familiar voice answered. Since then, Thomas never let go. Every day was a proposal; every moment a serenade. He canceled his departure for Switzerland and vowed to woo her until she said yes. After four more months, Annie finally made Thomas the happiest man on earth. If you know Filipinos, you probably already guessed that the turn of events was not without influence from Annie’s family. But that was only because they realized that Thomas and Annie were meant to be. Only by being together can their real story begin.

Our lives reflect either the truth about us and our values, or the expectations of others. Are we exhibiting our own choices, or that which others impose on us? Real stories come from real relationships. It doesn’t have to be a marriage made in heaven; there only has to be honesty.

What is your real story? Do your donors, volunteers, board members and staff share your organization’s values and vision? Are they also telling your real story? Will you enter into a relationship for the short-term gain? Or do you purposefully seek true partners whose contributions will sustain for the long haul?

Annie and Thomas taught me that living happily ever after is not the point. Rather, it’s believing that together you will.

Let’s be together this fall for more learning through storytelling…

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Registration begins next week Tuesday, August 28 – stay tuned for more details. Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of summer.

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