Storytelling. For Change. For Good.


Barkada Circle® brings the lens of creativity to every project. Our approach is rooted in the arts which challenges how we perceive things to help us find new meaning in what we encounter everyday—even change the way we think and the way we live.

1. Facilitate your trainings, workshops and conferences with storytelling to spark more dynamic conversations. Stories provide a human context for the shared information to make it resonate with participants on a deeper, more visceral level.

Conversations tap into our collective wisdom

Our high-level goals for these conversations are to help participants clarify the issues, commit to the process and collaborate with each other. We work with our clients to determine what topics are important for their nonprofit organizations to focus on. A short list includes:

  • Discovering and celebrating common purpose
  • Leadership and the role of story
  • Engaging your members, donors and other stakeholders
  • Building trust within your community
  • Taking charge of change

Pon Angara from Barkada Circle® has led a fabulous training conference call and a powerful webinar for Habitat for Humanity International. I was very impressed by his careful preparation, creative curriculum design, depth of expertise, and enthusiasm for nonprofit storytelling. Pon has a gift for conveying practical and inspirational ideas that will help charities communicate better and engage the community. Pon's approach is accessible for even the smallest nonprofit, while also challenging established leaders from big organizations with new tactics. Thank you, Pon, for being such an asset to the nonprofit sector.

Elizabeth Brunner
Global Learning and Organizational Development
Habitat for Humanity International

2. Design translates your story into a visual brand. We help you to shape a compelling message into a medium that grabs the attention of your audience. What they see reflects your identity and your culture.

We have mastered the art of visual storytelling

"A picture is worth..." — you know the cliché. We blend color, imagery and typography to create your unique visual language. Whether introducing a potential donor to your nonprofit, promoting an event or keeping members engaged, your communication materials must amplify your story in a cohesive fashion.

—click to view some of our work.

Barkada Circle® has been providing graphic design services to AAID since spring 2007. We benefit greatly from the relationship because Pon Angara, Barkada's Principal and Creative Director, brings solid branding expertise to his designs. His team consistently delivers on his promise within budget and on time. He is accessible and always open to suggestions, which makes him easy to work with. Barkada has proven to be a valuable resource for AAID and I would highly recommend them.

Max Moses
Marketing and Communications Director
American Academy of Implant Dentistry

3. Content is what drives the audience to your website. Stories work if they are written with the end goal in sight. They must lead with impact and have a clear call to action.

Words have purpose when they move your narrative forward.

Our content creation process includes interviewing, writing, scripting and editing. Our approach is not simply to report facts or recount events. Effective storytelling helps readers to realize why they should care about the outcome and how they have an important role in it.

Pon has a unique and creative approach to the world of not-for-profit survival - he believes in the power of story to relay the depth and breadth of the organizations that he works with. I have observed his workshops with clients. He activates the audience to think deeply about their public message while simultaneously examining the inner core of their organization's mission. The results for participants are spirited conversations that offer tactical understanding of where they need to improve and compelling new thinking about their message to others.

Joanne Vena
Program Director
Changing Worlds

4. Keynote your meeting or conference with the right message in order to provide participants with a clear theme and expectation for what they will learn and experience. A storytelling framework helps them to organize new information into a narrative that they can easily remember and share with colleagues after the event.

We connect the dots more closely using narrative

Each morsel of new information is a component in the new story that your participants take away from the meeting. Barkada Circle® director Pon Angara regularly keynotes on the power of story, conducts board retreats with a narrative framework and coaches nonprofit leaders on storytelling.

Pon Angara had trained hundreds of my volunteers through his training program at Barkada Circle®, in one-on-one sessions, and as a keynote speaker at our annual Volunteer Gathering. We have had 100% positive reviews. He educates and inspires trainees. I would recommend him to anyone!

Rachelle Jervis, MBA
Regional Director
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention