Arts-Based Programs

Our programs are recommended for leaders in nonprofit governance, marketing, communications, programming, public relations, fundraising and development. Participants work in teams which fosters creative exchange of ideas and discovery through collaboration.

Commercial-ize Your Mission
Imagine your nonprofit has a spot for a tv commercial during the Super Bowl. What do you say to a captive audience of millions — in 30 seconds? This workshop challenges the conventional use of words. Stripping down your message into the bare essentials can be the key to revealing the most valuable aspects of your organization.
Key take-away: Learn to tell your story from different perspectives to reveal strong relevant themes and targeted messages.
Teaching Artist: Francesca Peppiatt

Don’t Let Words Get in the Way
While words are important–when we are most moved, when we are touched to our very core–words often seem inadequate.  Communicating without words makes your message universal. If you can clearly convey your story without speaking, it will resonate with audiences of diverse cultures and backgrounds who might otherwise be hindered by language barriers. It’s the first step to developing the essence of your story. It can also lead to a memorable campaign that maintains the same level of impact across all media: print, online, video, or live.
Key take-away: Create a strong framework for your story centered on the characters and their motivations to reveal a clear, basic message that can engage a wider audience.
Teaching Artist: Gregg Steigmeyer

The Power of Symbols
Symbols have been used to inspire change throughout history. They have embodied powerful ideas, stories, people and societies. This session uses the graphic arts to stir creative thinking about your organization’s identity and develop your own visual language that translates your story into compelling and memorable images.
Key take-away: Are the colors and pictures in your communications effectively delivering the intended message?
Teaching Artist: Lindsay Obermeyer

Write Your Story for Video
Let’s face it: The media landscape has been forever changed by the internet. Aside from social media, video is a major component in engaging your audience. Today, Youtube is the second largest search engine next to Google. When used effectively, video can not only help you rank in searches but can also compel viewers to ‘share’ your story across the web and give you and your organization the potential to reach hundreds to even millions of people interested in your cause or service. This workshop focuses on the best approach to creating content for your video campaign.
Key take-aways: (1) What aspect of your organization’s story can be best communicated through video, and (2) how do we streamline the message into a brief but memorable narrative.
Teaching Artist: Jessica Christopher

The Story Behind the Words
Words are important in telling your story. However, other aspects of the situation end up being the driving force for what will happen, ultimately. Motivation, obstacles, and relationships all come into play. Participants will use acting fundamentals in theatre and performance as a framework for storytelling. It’s not what you say, but how you say it.
Key take-away: We need to know the complete picture in order to realize the best role that words can play.
Teaching Artist: Pon Angara

Perception is Reality
The intended meaning of what you say is not always what others perceive. How do you  know what’s getting lost in translation? This theatre-based workshop will give participants the opportunity to work in teams to create scenes that tell the story using minimal or no words, then determine whether or not the intended message is getting across.
Key take-away: The true test of understanding your story is if you’re able to express the same message in different ways.
Teaching Artist: Pon Angara

How Does Your Mission Sound?
Music is the most abstract form or art, yet it can be the most powerful — evoking certain feelings that move us to laughter or tears. This session uses the basic principles of music to help participants discover new ways to deliver their message. Sound was the first form of communication.  What most people consider today to be primitive can be the key to our deepest emotional triggers.
Key take-away: How to incorporate the effective use of sound in affecting people’s emotional response to your message.
Teaching Artist: Stan L. Wood

Journey as Story
Participants will transform themselves into characters and form teams that will embark on a quest to save their community. This multidisciplinary workshop will provide the opportunity for participants to discover new team building strategies while exploring their creativity and imagination. Activities include storytelling, acting, and musical composition.
Key take-away: Seeing your story brought to life in a different setting with a new cast of characters will spark innovative ideas for outreach.
Teaching Artist: Pon Angara

Space is limited to 16 participants per workshop and usually held at the Fine Arts Building, 410 S. Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago. You will be informed of any venue change for a specific workshop. Refreshments and a light meal will be served. Fee: $75 per workshop.

Please reply below or email if you have questions.

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5 thoughts on “Arts-Based Programs

  1. Are there scholarships for the story-telling work-shops. I am on a limited income every month, and would love to come to these workshops, as I think it would enhance my teaching/library instructional skills and entries on my resume. I am a client at a local Chgo. non-profit, and am in job-search with some very wonderful vocational folks. Thanks,

    • Hi Linda,
      Thank you for your interest. We are working toward getting sponsorships and eventually providing scholarships for qualified individuals/organizations. Please stay tuned to our updates. Thank you for joining our tribe of storytellers.
      Pon Angara

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