Workshop Themes

We’re thrilled to have facilitated these conversations in various organizations for many audiences. At the end of the day, the most gratifying aspect is connecting people and planting the seeds for deeper relationships through shared stories.

Engage Your Donors with a Compelling Story
04/04/2013 | American Marketing Association, Chicago Chapter
11/15/2012 | West Suburban Philanthropic Network
06/05/2012 | Axelson Center for Nonprofit Management Symposium
04/27/2012 | Grant Professionals Association
08/03/2011 | Philanthropy Club of Chicago

Does Your Appeal Letter Tell a Compelling Story?
01/06/2014 | Alliance Management Institute Conference
10/09/2013 | Episcopal Charities and Community Services
09/26/2013 | Illinois Farm Bureau, Bloomington, IL

Fundraise Through Storytelling
05/28/2014 | Executive Service Corps of Chicago
03/21/2014 | Not-For-Profit Network, Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce
09/06/2012 | YNPN Chicago, Robert Morris University

Storytelling to Build a Stronger Organizational Culture
10/06/2014 | Loyola University Museum of Art
12/07/2013 | Centro Romero
09/14/2013 | Centro Romero
05/17/2013 | Meeting Professionals International
07/19/2012 | Altrusa International
04/21/2012 | South East Oak Park Community Organization

Leadership Development and the Power of Story
08/09/2014 | McCormick Center for Early Childhood Education
05/14/2014 | McCormick Center for Early Childhood Education

Stories: Making Connections. Building Trust.
10/02/2014 | Illinois Community College Resource Development
08/25/2014 | Winnetka Community Nursery School

Does Your Website Tell an Engaging Story?
04/11/2014 | Not-For-Profit Network, Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce
05/31/2012 | Habitat for Humanity International

Brand Storytelling
10/11/2014 | Evanston Public Library
09/03/2014 | Center for Workplace Democracy

Does Your Mission Have a Compelling Voice?
02/21/2014 | Not-For-Profit Network, Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce
05/16/2013 | i.c.stars

Team Building through Storytelling
09/18/2014 | Teach For America
11/09/2013 | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Business Models Driving Social Change
02/28/2013 | University of Chicago Booth School of Business
06/12/2012 | Net Impact & YNPN Panel Discussion, Boeing Company

Dynamic Storytelling: Be Sensational. Be Memorable
10/18/2014 | Evanston Public Library
09/08/2011 | Habitat for Humanity International

Power of Story: Engagement and Vivid Learning in the Nonprofit Classroom
07/09/2013 | Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, North Park University

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