Our Commitment

barkada \bär-ˈkä-də\ – a word in the Filipino language that means best friends.

Our goal is to be the catalyst for creativity that sparks dynamic storytelling for nonprofit organizations to engage their donors, funders, volunteers and supporters through more compelling messaging. Barkada Circle® provides opportunities for dialogue that help people to understand the true meaning of a story and to create their own stories that connect their audience to the mission on a deeper level.

Barkada Circle® provides interactive programs that show participants how to harness the transformative power in telling stories that appeal to the senses, trigger emotions and create memorable experiences for the audience. Our multi-sensory approach to storytelling enhances how you learn to:

  • Unlock the creativity within your organization and inspire innovation
  • Help your board members and staff discover renewed purpose in their roles
  • Preserve the humanity in every communication and in every experience
  • Translate your mission into a story about real outcomes and value
  • Create visibility and brand awareness for your organization


Leadership and professional development are key to building a sustainable organization, and communication is at the heart of it all. Being a better storyteller is essentially being a better communicator. Our interactive arts-based trainings make the learning process fun and give you the opportunity to stretch your imagination. Innovative problem solving begins with a narrative that takes you from where you are to where you need to be. Telling a compelling story to your team clarifies their individual roles, weaves all aspects of your mission into a seamless whole, and transforms the process into a human experience they want to be a part of. A story answers the question, “Why should I care?”


Opportunities for nonprofits to connect and collaborate are valuable for building stronger programs that benefit the individuals, families and communities we serve. Our workshops provide venues for organizations to share stories, learn from each other and, ultimately, co-create a bigger story together that fulfills a larger vision for the future.


Creating synergy between their grantees helps foundations and philanthropic organizations deliver on their mission. Storytelling provides a basis for understanding the needs of clients, organizations, and communities. Barkada Circle’s unique approach to coaching prepares grantees and foundations for building field capacity to realize greater impact. Interactive trainings with small group discussions and seminars provide organizations with collaborative learning through trust building and critical thinking. These are linchpins for successful improvements and transformation.

© 2011-2014 Barkada Creative LLC

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