Nonprofit Spotlight

Share My Kingdom delves into the lives and art of three artists with developmental disabilities who emerged from the art studio of Little City Foundation. The documentary provides a view into the compelling life histories and the artistic creations of Harold Jeffries, Wayne Mazurek and Luke Tauber. While the three men in the documentary seemingly have the odds stacked against them, they are able to turn their ideas into reality. With no formal art education or training, each of them transforms their vision into artistic works of expression.

In April 2012, a group of U.S. veterans of the Vietnam War traveled with Habitat for Humanity to the Mekong Delta to be “part of the change.” Over two weeks, the veterans healed decades-old wounds of war while building houses and hope in partnership with Vietnamese families. This video follows Vic Romback from memories of his Air Force deployment through his return to Vietnam, the construction of three Habitat for Humanity homes, and a moving tribute to soldiers laid to rest in a Vietnamese National Cemetery. READ MORE

Barkada Circle continues to work with Habitat for Humanity International in leading discussions about the value of stories to engage people and inspire action. So many lives have been changed by the ministry and people of the Habitat community. Their stories capture the messages behind these transformations to foster understanding, empathy and support for the mission.

September 8, 2011: Telling Your Habitat Story – Sensational, Dramatic, Memorable

Over 60 representatives from various affiliates across the nation participated on the call that highlighted stories by homeowners, volunteers and staff that have had significant impact on their communities. One in particular was from the Lake County affiliate. Julie Donovan, Executive Director, shared how their storytelling theater project paved the way for one of their members to realize her potential as a playwright and artist — a testimony to the nurturing Habitat family. Download the recording and slideshow.

May 31, 2012: Does Your Website Tell an Engaging Story?

A webinar was the perfect medium for discussing and illustrating how an affiliate can integrate key components of dynamic storytelling into their website — particularly, the home page. It works best as a visually compelling portal using color, images, and minimal but meaningful text. Stories about the Habitat families, volunteers, and people in the community are more engaging than facts about the organization. Key question: Whose voice can be “heard” as you navigate through the website? We also identified a number of sources for themes that can spark great stories. Download slideshow Does Your Website Tell an Engaging Story.

Here are comments from some of the participants:

The resource materials and links were wonderful. I took time to visit the sites in advance. Each element of the presentation complemented the others. I enjoyed the presenter’s information and critique of our affiliate website, as well as the chat.

Pon did an excellent job of presenting the material. Excellent examples were used too.

Speaker was easy to follow and gave a lot of useful information.

Seeing examples as he spoke about different aspects of websites was helpful. Being given links to great websites will be good to look back on.

The affiliate samples were excellent, well thought-out and very much complemented the webinar’s message of telling an engaging story.

Pon outlined some great key points at the beginning of the session. I couldn’t help but write down my own ideas along with notes from the session. I agree that the home page of a website should be the “Call to Action” that draws in the audience to the rest of the website. I’d have liked to discuss a little further about the organization of a website but I thought that labeling tabs as rooms was fantastic. Thanks so much!

Special thanks to Stuart Barnes Jamieson and Elizabeth Brunner of Habitat for Humanity International for making all this possible.

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