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September 15, 2014: Interview with Mary Nerburn

Mary.Nerburn.photo_Mary Nerburn is an author, coach, speaker, and entrepreneur/business owner. What’s her edge? More than 20 years developing and teaching strategies for transforming lives. Mary’s passion to learn all she could about transformation was ignited early on. Before he stepped on the stage to deliver a motivational speech for the company where Mary worked as a highly successful mortgage banker, Zig Ziglar sat down next to her and shook her hand. And Mary’s pursuit began — to study with and be coached by possibility thinkers.

Mary serves as a certified DreamBuilder coach through the Life Mastery Institute. She works with organizations and individuals, helping them build their dreams, accelerate their results, and become proficient in the fine art of living. Through her dynamic Vision Workshops and her coaching practice, Mary moves others from wondering, “Is this all there is in my life?” to loudly proclaiming, “I will not be denied.”

Order Mary’s book at Mary is available for workshops, book readings and personal consultations with individuals or companies. Email her at |

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