Circle of Trust

Julie Donovan
Executive Director at Habitat for Humanity Lake County
April 27, 2013

Working with Pon is a gift. He brings out creativity I didn’t know I had and helps me get out of my boxes that constrain creativity. His accepting and affirming way during workshops, along with the interesting people he connects at his sessions, stimulate me to look differently at how I communicate.

I always open his e-newsletters and enjoy the gentle nudge they bring to open up my day. In the midst of more factual and mundane work, Pon keeps my creative juices flowing and brings a smile to my face. I recommend him for your growth!

Stuart Jamieson
Non-Profit Professional
April 28, 2013

Pon’s work is on the cutting edge of non-profit mission interpretation and planning. Watch Barkada Creative’s newsletter for information on the newest trends in storytelling.

Bob Dyer, CAE
Regional Manager at Illinois Farm Bureau
April 29, 2013

Pon and Barkada Circle do a great job of helping non-profits tell their story. His skill in helping to write a compelling story brings an understanding of your cause or your organization to your reader or listener.

Jody Bender
Director of Community Engagement at Loaves & Fishes Community Pantry
April 29, 2013

I first heard Pon describe Barkada Circle’s passion for fostering storytelling as a vehicle for nonprofit engagement at a West Suburban Philanthropy Network meeting. The workshop he held at Open Books several months later was positively revelatory for our organization! Pon inspired my colleague and I, as well as the rest of the attendees, through his interactive presentation, plus discussions and presentations of other organizations. His creativity and leadership have inspired Loaves & Fishes to develop our storytelling in new ways. I highly recommend Pon Angara and Barkada Circle if you are looking to rev up your nonprofit’s engagement through storytelling.

Michael Shapiro
Dynamic Management Solutions, Inc.
April 29, 2013

Watching the development and evolution of Barkada Creative and Barkada Circle has been a rare treat. Pon’s passion and skill at helping non-profits tell their story is a treat to observe. His workshops are a very unique process that engages the organization in developing a clear and concise message that promotes their mission. His work at non-profit board facilitation is equally effective. Every organization – large and small – can benefit from the Barkada Circle process.

Dr. Sandy Goldberg
Founder and Chairman, A Silver Lining Foundation
April 29, 2013

Pon Angara of Barkada Circle is one of the most innovative and creative people in his field. He is a visionary that supports the not-for-profit community with seminars and weekly newsletters that consist of useful information to improve the “messaging” of the mission and vision for our individual organizations. Pon is also wonderful at helping people network, sharing experiences, expertise and best practices. His most recent seminar, “Storytelling Jam Session,” was compelling for all of the organizations present as it laid out each aspect of fundraising using appeal communications.

Ann Covode
Director at KIDS Global Network, Inc.
April 30, 2013

I’ve worked with Pon on several occasions and he has helped us develop our appeal letters and Mission statement. He had a very creative approach and I feel it was very helpful for our non-profit. I would definitely recommend him for help in marketing.

Karen Pittenger
President, Black Olive
April 30, 2013

Our firm has collaborated with Pon through his marketing firm, Barkada Creative, and with his fantastic new endeavor, Barkada Circle. In each and every instance, we have been impressed by his creativity, his dedication, his insight, and his humanity. Pon is brilliant at helping companies find their voice–and the right tools to tell a story.

Personally, Pon and I have worked together on client projects and on nonprofit endeavors that require big picture thinking as well as attention to detail. It is a rare combination for both skill sets to be found in one person. I’ve watched as Barkada Circle came into being, attended sessions, and now enjoy seeing more and more companies understand the value of “reaching inside before going outside” to tell the story of their company.

We highly recommend Pon and his Barkada family of companies–whether it be for design, brand, strategic positioning or coaching, he is a thought-leader to connect with when looking for the right way to position your organization.

Beth Weinstein
Nonprofit management professional; Volunteer
May 1, 2013

The workshop on storytelling that was given by Barkada Circle was very helpful in guiding attendees to distill the essence of our own desired message and apply it to our own situations. The workshop was engaging and educational.

Sandra Davis
Purpose-Driven Marketing Communications/Branding Strategist and Writer
May 2, 2013

The Barkada Circle nonprofit storytelling workshop hosted by Mr. Angara that I attended was very informative. Pon showed the class insightful and strategic ways to tell heartfelt stories about ourselves and our organizations.

Joanne Vena
Arts Education Program Designer and Project Manager
May 3, 2013 

Pon has a unique and creative approach to the world of not-for-profit survival – he believes in the power of story to relay the depth and breadth of the organizations that he works with. I have observed his workshops with clients – He activates the audience to think deeply about their public message while simultaneously examining the inner core of their organization’s mission. The results for participants are spirited conversations that offer tactical understanding of where they need to improve and compelling new thinking about their message to others.

Christa Velbel
Agile copywriter and creative director, wandering wine educator
May 4, 2013 

Pon’s heartfelt commitment to causes combines with his breadth of knowledge and incredible communication skills. He’s a marvelous resource for NFPs, and I’ve been able to focus and elevate my work for various organizations thanks to the learning I achieved in multiple workshops led by Pon. I also gain insight and inspiration from Pon’s e-newsletters, which I ALWAYS open. Pon is a gem.

Sandee Kastrul
President at i.c.stars
May 7, 2013

Pon is an action oriented and thought provoking leader who understands that leadership is about making opportunities for others. Through his storytelling workshop and newsletters he inspiring a deeper level of communication for non profit leaders to describe what they do and more importantly, the essence and outcomes of our work.Pon is an excellent facilitator and guide for delivering introspection and action!

Susan Wakefield Dal Porto
Non Profit/Corporate Social Responsibility Leader
May 9, 2013

Pon’s work as an outstanding business communicator has given him keen insider understanding of the importance of robust and highly effective storytelling as a mission critical component of non-profit, entrepreneurial and corporate communications and marketing. Pon is a significant thought leader in business communications who is breaking new ground by leading and organizing highly creative and innovative storytelling workshops, which are not to be missed experiences.


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