A Process for Change

At Barkada we believe that real change begins with cultivating a sense of community around real collaborative efforts and allowing various ideas to converge. This is why we use storytelling, or better yet — story sharing, as a powerful catalyst for realizing shared goals, developing strategies and taking action.

Our approach comprises three broad steps in this process:

Discover and Learn

We begin the process by identifying the key stakeholders of your organization. Stakeholders are individuals whom you have identified as influencers in your community. They are trusted leaders and can represent segments of your audience. Sharing stories helps participants get to know each other better, deeper and on a more human level. They find common ground and realize shared experiences and values.

When you share a story, you will spark a story. That is the power of story: it is an emergent form of communication, possessing the ability to tap into the experiences of your listener. You can connect seemingly abstract, new information to your listener’s existing web of knowledge.” – Thaler Pekar, S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University

Plan and Design

As you tell more stories to each other, the shared values you discover begin to translate into a shared vision for your organization. Story will take you from where you are in the present to where you need to be. A narrative is what connects you to that vision. It helps you to materialize the strategies and steps by requiring that you identify the key players and their roles, determine where and when the change should take place and define the evidence for success.

Execute and Evaluate

Your actions and their impact paint a picture of transformation for everyone involved in the process. Gather these stories and use them to identify goals met, lessons learned, relationships forged and opportunities for improvement. Each story told to the right audience helps to build a stronger identity for your organization. Each storyteller can forge new meaning for your mission in the community.

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